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Transform your space with Project Concrete, your polished concrete Perth experts. Trusted across Western Australia, Our team of polished concrete specialists provide sleek, modern polished concrete floors for both residential and commercial properties. Experience elegance and quality.

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    Top Choice For Polished Concrete

    Perth’s Top Choice for Polished Concrete Supply

    Project Concrete offers a diverse array of polished concrete flooring solutions in Perth, ensuring each surface is endowed with a distinctive finish. As polished concrete specialists, we focus on both honed and mechanically polished concrete, catering to residential, commercial, and construction industry needs.

    Polished concrete floors are increasingly becoming the preferred choice in residential and commercial properties across Western Australia, admired for their versatility, raw beauty, and stylish appeal. Among the various finishes available for concrete floors, mechanically polished decorative concrete stands out as an excellent choice due to its adaptability, durability, unique aesthetics, and low maintenance requirements, all of which are expertly provided by Project Concrete.

    The Stylish and Affordable Choice

    A concrete polishing service takes an existing concrete floor and gives it a new lease on life. It can also be installed on a brand-new floor. Project Concrete offers affordable concrete polishing services that work well in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces- adding style and practicality to your property.

    A polished concrete floor is becoming particularly popular in Perth because of its excellent durability and resistance to dust and bacteria. It is incredibly easy to keep clean and holds us well against heat and heavy machinery usage.

    Other benefits of new polished concrete flooring include energy efficiency, eco-sustainability, slip resistance, and excellent durability. With minimal maintenance and a robust, smooth finish, concrete polishing really is the most cost-effective solution for Perth property owners.

    Concrete Polishing Offers

    What can Project Concrete clients expect from our team?

    We only offer the best across the board- including the tools and materials we use, how we work, and the people we work with.
    Polished concrete floors are a practical and eco-friendly choice for renovations and new builds, and we prioritize sustainability wherever possible.
    Planning ahead always pays off in concrete polishing, and we take time to ensure the best approach to your project. We ensure our clients are 100% happy before moving forward by keeping communication at the center of what we do.
    Concrete Polishing Offers
    Concrete Floors Mechanical Polishing

    Restore Your Concrete Floors with Mechanical Polishing

    Rather than covering up or removing an existing slab of concrete, you can restore and upgrade it with the help of the Project Concrete team. As well as being a cost-effective and eco-friendly approach, it quickly adds style and appeal to your property.

    If you already have a polished concrete floor that was installed a long time ago and needs some TLC, our experts are the ones to call. They are fully trained and qualified in restorative techniques for older polished concrete floors and will have them back to looking their best- if not better than before.

    When Is Polished Concrete a Great Choice?

    You can install polished concrete flooring wherever you see fit, but some areas are more popular than others. Here are some examples of how this technique could be used to create more in your property.

    Kitchen and Dining

    The scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-dirt, easy-cleaning surface of polished concrete floors is ideal for areas where people cook or eat. As well as looking great, it is very practical, durable, and hard-wearing, meaning it can cope with dropped food or cutlery and dragging chairs or table legs.

    Business Premises

    There is something very professional about polished concrete. It looks like it means business, which could be why it is so often found in offices and conference spaces. You may want a polished concrete floor in the lobby or reception area of your office building to make an excellent first impression on anyone who walks in.

    Commercial Spaces

    Other commercial spaces that can benefit from polished, concrete surfaces include retail stores, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. The high shine reflects light and makes a space feel bigger, brighter, and airier- making people feel more comfortable and likely to stay longer. Reducing maintenance and cleaning for staff and costs for owners is also beneficial.

    Outdoor Living Areas

    You may not automatically associate polished concrete with the outdoors, but you may be surprised how often the two overlap in modern Perth property development. Enjoying an outdoor living or dining area is part of what it means to be Australian, and chic style shouldn’t be left inside.

    Polished concrete is perfect for an alfresco dining area, in an open-air entertainment space, near a pool (as long as you add the non-slip treatment), and on small, chic patios.

    Work with an Experienced Team of Polished Concrete Experts

    Whether you have an old concrete slab floor and want to restore and enhance its quality or want to work a polished concrete floor into your new development plans, Project Concrete can help.

    As trusted professionals in the Perth concrete polishing industry, we take pride in providing excellence to every client.

    Project Concrete can mechanically polish your floors to enhance the natural beauty of the material and achieve the finish you want for your Perth property. Our polished concrete specialists offer a range of services and finishes to suit every space.

    Choose from the raw beauty of aggregate exposure honed concrete, a flawless matt finish, or the classic high-shine polish. When working with one of the top concrete polishing contractors in Western Australia, you can feel confident that the results will exceed your expectations.

    Polished Concrete Experts

    Why Choose Project Concrete?

    As a leading local concrete polishing contractor for Perth, Project Concrete is proud to have been a part of many installations and recent projects that have improved the quality of properties throughout. For more than 15 years, the concrete specialists at Project Concrete have prioritized their commitment to impeccable workmanship, dedicated customer services, and achieving the best results for every client.

    Our team is the best in the business when it comes to polishing concrete. Perth property owners can trust our long-standing reputation as a reliable, top-quality concrete polishing company.

    Contact Project Concrete today to learn more about a polished finish for your concrete floors. Speak to the team directly or request an obligation-free quote for more details. We are here to advise and help people make the best choices for their Perth properties.

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    We’re always happy to showcase what our customers have to say about us. Here are only a few testimonials and opinions we’ve gathered.

    Based on 8 reviews
    Diana Hassell
    Diana Hassell
    John completed a very difficult job on an old concrete floor to a really excellent standard. He was very easy to work and communicate with, we would highly recommend him.
    Milutin Simun
    Milutin Simun
    Advanced landscaping, Perth. Its always a pleasure to use project concrete for all my jobs. Top qualities and keep the customer happy.
    Rachel Mackin Brown
    Rachel Mackin Brown
    In love with my concrete veneer floors! Can’t fault these guys, they did such an amazing job and have been so awesome to work with! So knowledgeable, reliable and awesome at what they do. We are forever getting compliments on our floors, they are incredible! Huge thank you to Jonny and the team, you guys are the best in the biz!!
    Andrew Morgan
    Andrew Morgan
    Great service epoxy coating my garage floor. Jonny is very professional and took the time to ensure we both fully understood the project. He is easy to talk to and delivers a quality service with quality Sika products.
    Paul Badham
    Paul Badham
    Passion for perfection and nothing less was received from the project CONCRETE team....The work provided for our new extension floor was delivered with great craftmanship and attention to detail. From the knowledgeable product advice, Quoting and Execution, Johnny and his team were impressive to deal with and provided a beautiful concrete floor to compliment our contemporary style design. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend project CONCRETE for any decorative concrete works!
    Danny Baker
    Danny Baker
    Johnny and the team have a great knowledge and passion for what they do. Being in the industry myself and having Johnny to lean on for advice is a massive help. The results of his work speak for themselves and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough
    Dan Macdonald
    Dan Macdonald
    I contacted Jon a month ago to organise sealing my workshop floors, he gave me an indicative price per square meter that no one in Perth came close to matching. We had literally just finished laying the slab and gave it some time to harden. Jon came out and ground the slab back to give the epoxy a texture to adhere too, then applied a flawless coating edge to edge. The finish is immaculate and ultra flat. The floor coating transformed the look of the space but adds an extremely durable surface that is easy to clean and from some basic testing, is extremely hard! Super happy with the job and recommend Project Concrete for your concrete surfacing project. Cheers Dan