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Coloured Concrete is a versatile and durable option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Project Concrete are the experts in coloured concrete in Perth. We create high-quality finishes suitable for indoor & outdoor living spaces such as alfresco areas, driveways, pool surrounds, internal residential and commercial flooring.

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    Coloured Concrete: What You Need To Know

    Coloured concrete offers home builders and commercial property owners the chance to brighten up their spaces with unique designs and colours that complement their style.

    Adding colour to concrete is a simple process with several methods:

    • Integral Colouring: The most popular method involves pre-mixing iron oxides (which create the colour) into the concrete. This ensures even colour distribution.
    • Shake-On Colours: Another method involves dusting a colour hardener on top of wet concrete. Since this product is only applied to the surface, it cannot be ground or polished.
    • Water-Based Dyes: Ideal for creating vibrant designs and patterns, these dyes can be easily mixed and matched. The colours are easy to apply, and when the concrete is hardened, densified, and polished, the result is stunning.

    No matter which method you choose, the result produced by Project Concrete will be a coloured concrete solution tailored to your style.

    Coloured Concrete Example

    Coloured Concrete Applications

    Many spaces can benefit from the addition of coloured concrete. Here are some of the most popular applications:
    Outdoor Areas

    Outdoor Areas

    Outdoor spaces benefit greatly from the design flexibility and features of coloured concrete. In addition to its strength, durability, and wide range of colour options, it allows for impressive designs. Choosing darker tones can help conceal stains and dirt, keeping the area looking clean and maintained.

    Driveway Concrete


    A coloured concrete driveway or carport can transform a typically dull area into an eye-catching feature. Coloured concrete is as strong and durable as any other decorative concrete, ensuring that the pigments do not affect the product’s longevity.

    Pool Surrounds

    Pool Surrounds

    Coloured concrete is a popular choice for pool edges and surrounds due to its versatile design capabilities. Opting for lighter colours, such as neutral tones and whites, helps keep the concrete cooler on warm days, as these shades absorb less heat compared to darker ones.

    Colored Concrete Walkway


    Coloured concrete pathways can seamlessly connect your outdoor spaces, creating a cohesive and flowing look around your home. Matching or complementary tones enhance the overall aesthetic and unity of the design.

    Internal Flooring

    Internal Flooring

    Concrete is becoming a popular choice for internal floors in new homes and renovations due to its sustainability and low maintenance. For those with allergies or pets, coloured concrete slabs are excellent for reducing dust and are extremely easy to clean.

    Commercial Spaces

    Commercial spaces

    A beautifully designed coloured concrete floor makes any office space or shopping centre stand out. The endless options to creating a unique design that is unique to your company or space can add to the appeal and give your customers a visually stunning experience.

    Col,oured Concrete Inspiration

    Benefits of Installing a Coloured Concrete Floor

    Coloured concrete flooring is gaining popularity among homeowners and renovators for its unique aesthetic, durability, and affordability. This versatile material offers a range of benefits that make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some key advantages of installing a coloured concrete floor:

    Coloured concrete allows you to create a floor that reflects your personality and style. You have full creative control, whether you choose a vibrant colour, add a design, or incorporate stamping.
    Coloured concrete is as long-lasting and hardwearing as other decorative concretes. With proper care and maintenance, it will last a lifetime.
    Coloured concrete is a cost-effective option for those seeking a decorative concrete look without a high price tag. While slightly more expensive than traditional cement initially, the installation costs remain the same as the concrete arrives on site ready to be poured.
    Maintaining a coloured concrete floor is straightforward and quick, ensuring it looks great and lasts a lifetime. Depending on the finish, your floor may need an occasional spray with a pressure washer or a regular dusting and mopping if polished.

    Choose Project Concrete for Your Coloured Concrete Floors

    Want to make a statement with your home? Add a touch of elegance and style with coloured concrete. As Perth’s decorative concrete experts, Project Concrete manages every step, from the initial consultation to the final polish, ensuring stunning results for your space.

    Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation and see how we can transform your space into something extraordinary!

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    We’re always happy to showcase what our customers have to say about us. Here are only a few testimonials and opinions we’ve gathered.

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    Diana Hassell
    Diana Hassell
    John completed a very difficult job on an old concrete floor to a really excellent standard. He was very easy to work and communicate with, we would highly recommend him.
    Milutin Simun
    Milutin Simun
    Advanced landscaping, Perth. Its always a pleasure to use project concrete for all my jobs. Top qualities and keep the customer happy.
    Rachel Mackin Brown
    Rachel Mackin Brown
    In love with my concrete veneer floors! Can’t fault these guys, they did such an amazing job and have been so awesome to work with! So knowledgeable, reliable and awesome at what they do. We are forever getting compliments on our floors, they are incredible! Huge thank you to Jonny and the team, you guys are the best in the biz!!
    Andrew Morgan
    Andrew Morgan
    Great service epoxy coating my garage floor. Jonny is very professional and took the time to ensure we both fully understood the project. He is easy to talk to and delivers a quality service with quality Sika products.
    Paul Badham
    Paul Badham
    Passion for perfection and nothing less was received from the project CONCRETE team....The work provided for our new extension floor was delivered with great craftmanship and attention to detail. From the knowledgeable product advice, Quoting and Execution, Johnny and his team were impressive to deal with and provided a beautiful concrete floor to compliment our contemporary style design. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend project CONCRETE for any decorative concrete works!
    Danny Baker
    Danny Baker
    Johnny and the team have a great knowledge and passion for what they do. Being in the industry myself and having Johnny to lean on for advice is a massive help. The results of his work speak for themselves and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough
    Dan Macdonald
    Dan Macdonald
    I contacted Jon a month ago to organise sealing my workshop floors, he gave me an indicative price per square meter that no one in Perth came close to matching. We had literally just finished laying the slab and gave it some time to harden. Jon came out and ground the slab back to give the epoxy a texture to adhere too, then applied a flawless coating edge to edge. The finish is immaculate and ultra flat. The floor coating transformed the look of the space but adds an extremely durable surface that is easy to clean and from some basic testing, is extremely hard! Super happy with the job and recommend Project Concrete for your concrete surfacing project. Cheers Dan